My Mission and my Certifications

To provide my clients with fitness programs for positive change in body, mind and spirit.

I have always loved moving, in all different ways: running, dancing, step classes, yoga, weights classes, boot camps, ultimate frisbee; the works! But as I aged, I got fed up with the constant little aches, pains and injuries that limited my mobility and affected my attitude towards fitness in a negative way.  I hung up my sneakers and put my fitness health on the back burner.

Unhappy with this decision, I have, instead, diligently studied and have designed programs that work for any body.

My programs combine low-impact strength and endurance training for strong bones and muscles, combined with fun and diverse cardio workouts for heart health and different types of yoga for flexibility, balance and coordination. I strive to create a holistic fitness regimen that is fun and effective for my clients.

With a focus on rekindling your passion for fitness for longevity, let me ease you onto the road to a more fit you.

Fitness for your body, mind and spirit. Fitness for life.

Fitness for positive change


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