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How to avoid injuries

We exercise for a myriad of reasons. Many of these reasons are obvious such as  reduction of body fat, weight management, mental health, to feel better, or just for the overall positive health benefits.  However, there are certain injury prevention … Read More

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Yin for your Yang Lifestyle

Yin The feminine, negative principle in Chinese philosophy.  Earth, darkness, passiveness, cold. Yang The masculine, positive principle in Chinese philosophy. Heaven, light, activity, warmth Yin Yang In essence, this is two parts coming together to form a whole. It represents … Read More

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How to get motivated

“All are chosen, few respond”    Anonymous What I have learned over the years is there are ONLY 3 ways we become motivated to exercise.  The only exception to this rule is having a medical professional stating directly to your face … Read More

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How to build your shoulders

Everyone dreams of having strong, defined shoulders. Luckily, for most people the shoulders develop rather fast since they are a larger muscle group and a primary mover. Highly toned, defined shoulders look great in clothing. But, more importantly, strong shoulders … Read More

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